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cheap filpXQG flip flop Floppers Position Backtrackers Of 2010 Campaign

Floppers Position Backtrackers Of 2010 Campaign,
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One reason we Democrats face difficult election night prospects would be that the main position switcher is not an candidate this season. But, modifications in place by our President are hurting prospects within the election. The list is often a long one: Closing Gitmo, ending unwarranted surveillance and incarceration, universal medical with a public option, failing to act on a global warming bill that's literally hours from passage until withdrawn,
flip flop, transparency, action around the Chinese trade policies, no lobbyists in government, immigration reform within 12 months of inauguration, win the war in Afghanistan ("the war worth fighting"), putting Americans returning to work, lowering the deficit by onehalf during his first term,
flip flop shoe sale, etc., etc. Sure, the President overpromised within the campaign. All politicians accomplish that, also it can be forgiven. It could be better to believe that this stuff just couldn't be done had government control been split. But, we Democrats got the secrets of everything through the voters in 2008. Now, we need to explain the inaction and deal with the disappointment, even within our own party. I plan to prefer two Democratic Senators (yes,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, we've got two races) on Tuesday. But, we must look at this election realistically, rather than calling other people flipfloppers or radicals. A number of our problems we made for ourselves.11th Congress put policy before politicsNov. 1: Rachel Maddow looks at the lengthy set of accomplishments in the Democratic Congress with the first half President Obama's first term and talks with NBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss about the historical context with this remarkable productivity.
None of those flipflops matter to Teapublican voters. They abandoned facts and truth from the beginning. All is here their false perceptionslike that Miller supporter in Alaska that is voting because Attorney General Holder "voted" to "take his guns away."
Yesterday, Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed 5 separate TeaBagger leaders; the one thing they decided on was this Administration is socialist. But none ones could name ONE program they thought was socialist. It just is socialist, somehow. O'Donnell even gave them a suggestion: Medicare. But none of them would admit they desired to work.
They all DID, however, desire to take away the Department of Education. And now we know whyto maintain the public even more blind to facts and science and history. That's how we ensure a population of slavesplantation owners knew they must not allow their chattel to find out to learn. Homeschooling, and rewriting text books, are their main objectivesto keep people in the Ancient and prevent democratic participation in government, much like serfs.
The Teapublicans are really, undeniably courtiers for their corporate bosses, and can use the Chrisitanist "churches" to keep their followers fearful and docile and obedient.
The founders tried the confederacy, it turned out a fail. They tried again which has a strong constitution, it functions.
Regarding education. Sorry, but there should be national standards, if you don't realize why, there is a constant moved when young or if you had school age children.Related articles: