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ell, and soon became Yi Qiong exactly the same with a human form, "this will be the shadow MBT Schuhe of the law, is and these will be able to copy a fight like a puppet out, do not think you will be able to double that teamed with the challenge, and today this will kill you first!Then took over the day tracker! ""Ice month, give you purple sky, I Jinmie in front MBT Sandalen Damen of the enemy! "With dark day soon, then down, Icy Moons hands suddenly appeared a Frostbolt, Frostbolt in purple light, it has a purple sky supreme razor light. "Dark date, will today acquire your head down!And then destroy your body and spirit! "Yi Qiong's body is great, but only the speed of fast moving amazing moment between Yi Qiong dark day has come far in front, in the hands of the big ax is amazing burst of strength fluctuations. "Taphrogenic tear Hill! "Terrible vitality to the center Yi Qiong instantly broke toward four weeks, an outbreak of this strength, MBT Schuhe Billig Hou Yi Qiong around it becomes like a vortex, like, put everything towards the center of the Yi Qiong Chequ, while Yi Qiong then is without any hesitation by his strength pulled toward the dark day Zhanxia heavy ax, ax terrible pressure, and instantly put the pressure space collapsed.Feel your body was strong vitality of the pull, simply can not leave the slightest dark day is not the slightest panic, looking ax Zhanla, dark day began to read on the rapid move from conjuration to. "Jiayufengjie! "Cold voice sounded dim day's body suddenly broke out, count the dark gold golden runes aperture, then a circle of dark hood, they instantly wrapped inside the gloomy day, but this time the great ax Yi Qiong has also been cut to 'H' bang, Yi Qiong ax in the cut in a brown mask that broke out on top of a huge Baoxiang. " What's happening?What the hell you applied the law? "Saw the dark days are not actually at something, let alone something, even clothes are not scratch that horror Yi Qiong suddenly said, his strike power of how strong, Hou Yi Qiong mind most clearly, I'm afraid that if there is no enchantment, th
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